The Protected

Chronicling the making and selling of my novel, "The Protected." Join me on my journey!

What am I here for?!

So…I lied. About the whole “chronicling the making of my novel” thing. I’m actually 3/4 of the way done.
But you’re probably saying: “OK, but what is it about? Is it any good? Why should I waste my time here?”
I can answer only the first question… K?

First and foremost, it’s a romance. A paranormal romance. (No, no vampires. *sigh*)

But it’s so much more than that! It’s about struggling with your past, enduring what life throws at you, and self-discovery. It’s about trusting when all you’ve been is betrayed, and about fighting when it’s so much easier to give up.

Monica. Derek. These two characters have been with me throughout the years, waiting until I was ready to give them their voice. They’ve watched me print out pages full of their lives. They’ve watched me cry when they’ve cried, and laugh when they’ve laughed. And now, finally, I see them for who they are. They aren’t cardboard cutouts— they have their own thoughts and motivations. They do things I don’t like and go on their own paths. They are people I wish I could meet (especially Derek ;-) ).

I hope you come to love them too. And if not, at least interest you!

The book itself is divided into three parts (books). I always knew it would be this way. (And I love books within books. Feels like I’m on a real journey).
Also note: I am a nerd.

By the end of June, it will be polished and ready. And if the gods are not on my side and the rejection slip pile reaches the ceiling, I’ll self-publish. Kind of don’t want to go that route, but will if all else fails.
Anyway! *Breathe* “Power…” Lol…

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